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    Last year upon vacation in Greece, we discovered Thassos island.

    A not so widely known destination but actually comparing to Halkidiki , we found it highly appreciated , since it still preserves the friendly character, great Mediterranean cuisine , and the unique beauties of a Greek island, with emerald beaches, and so close to mainland . Actually we were pleasantly surprised that we reached Thassos , much faster than Halkidiki , were we used to visit the previous years, since even the ferries reach and leave the island every 30 minutes.

    The south part of the island , though I should say that is highly touristic , some villages and sightseeings were totally worth it making a tour around the island, places such as Archangelos monastery, or Thelogos traditional village, and the sight of Mount Athos on the horizon, just made our vacations memorable.
    The taste of mussels and the octopus, still remain, and I can t wait to go back there, since some friend s of mine, fall in love with the place, and proceed in buying a house there, which I actually acted like a translator on behalf of my friends.

    What I found really interesting was that the house was actually still developing , so upon their purchasing and during their vacation, they chose tiles, kitchen, interior layout and several features of the house that would serve the special needs of their family , in a really fast period of a few days. So received a “tailor made” villa before the summer ended, and through a great party in Olion complex, we all enjoyed hanging out in the swimming pool and the lush big garden of the house, full of olive trees.

    I think, I have made some new friends now in Greece, since the trustworthy behavior , and the service I saw my friends receiving through all the necessary purchasing procedure, and all the consultancy safeguarding my friends interests, made me really an ambassador of Greece and I really felt like telling the story, of how easy someone can proceed in having his very own house in Greece, through a reliable company, helping you out with matters such as the easy ones for example pre arrival shopping to even the more severe ones such as the permanent residence , welcoming you in such a blessed country to leave in , Greece.

    Looking forward to be back there ic_smile

    Olga K. Moscow

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    Welcome to the forum. It’s nice that you were so impressed by Greece. Thassos is a lovely island. Personally I like living on mainland Greece rather than the islands because it’s easier to stay longer into the winter months. Some of the islands are dead in winter or after the season. I am sure if you are interested in buying a few of the members are selling. If you look up ‘grocer’ a member here, he has a well looked after property he would like to sell. You can do a search for his post.

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