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    Hi everyone. I’m packed! I’ve got 52 kilos of baggage and excess baggage and I leave this Saturday to start the first step of my new life.
    Can I give you a very brief run down of where I have got to so far and maybe you might be able to provide any advice?

    My partner and I have been visiting Greece for 24 years, and over the last decade we’ve been making multiple trips per year and can even speak a teeny tiny bit of Greek “allá den eínai polý kalá!” (I actually had to look that up in the end – my Greek is crxp!). We now have more friends on the island than we do in the UK so….
    My partner has taken early retirement – he has no ties or responsibility to anything now so we have decided to move to Greece.

    We’re going to do this very slowly. I’m not really in a position to give up my job just yet so I’m going to give it another year just to make sure. I work in a college so I can visit every 4 – 6 weeks with a long summer break. He’s left already and got a small apartment for a modest rent. My suitcase is filled with the contents of our flat!

    Lets see how it goes …but…but the more I think about it the more I just want to get over there.

    I’m arty and trained as a tailor….gonna try and get work free-lance in those fields (I have one or two contacts) but want to do things legally and properly and also not step on any toes. I’ve got a lot of research still to do.

    I daren’t tell you which island..I can see the eyes rolling from here!

    Anyway..hope I’ve got the right page to post this in and I hope I haven’t rambled on too much. There’s lots of advice I need in the future so I hope you’ll be able to help me.

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    sjs – GiH Admin

    Lucky you and good luck! reb_bravo

    GiH Admin

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    Yes, wish you every success in your respective moves. Do let us know where to though as that could affect some of the local advice rather than the generic advice from those who know the area

    ….Regards jealous non expat with no confidence to jump! 😆

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    Good luck wwith the move. I am about to jump as well. Going to Athens as have had enough of living on an island.

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    Hmmm maybe you are going to Mykonos? Got us curious now. Why would you be worried about what a bunch of us think about your island choice. I can assure you no one here will roll eyes. When in Greece, one only needs eyes wide open, no blinking.

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    Great guess kiwi….. I suppose it had to have been Mykonos to bring on the eye roll! :mrgreen:
    Nice for those who can afford it! :mrgreen:

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