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    the reiver

    Don’t worry Kiwi, a lot of us are still reading but don’t have much to post about.  😉

    However, I went down to the village to look for post at the kafeneion and was told that there will be no mail this week because the postman is picking his olives !!  😥

    Also, clearing out the utility room, I found a carrier bag from a shoe shop in Kalamata proudly saying “since 1943″ ! Who were they selling boots to then ?   😉



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    Wow! How cool is that. Picking olives so no mail. So, freedom is still alive in Greece.

    I listen to the Greek radio a lot now I am away, it helps my language skills. Because it’s night there when I listen, there’s always talkback and it’s so Interesting to hear the views of ordinary people on the refugee crisis and Paris etc. very sensible thinking and comment. So untainted by mainstream Western Media.

    Anyway nice to know you are still around reiver.

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