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    So…we sit side by side on the sofa…Mr kiwi has his laptop open, and I have my iPad in front of me for spouting drivel and also my iPhone sitting on the coffee table. These facts are important :))

    Anyone who has Skype knows that when you go into Skype, your contacts, if the setting is enabled, pop up as having come online. Therefore when I go into my Skype, I can see I pop up on Mr kiwis laptop.

    For the last few days, while both my devices are resting on the coffee table unused, my Skype keeps popping up on Mr kiwis laptop, meaning that I am using it. It happens many times. Does this mean that someone has hacked my Skype? Very strange.

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    Possibly it means that someone else has ‘popped up onto me kiwi’s lap…’ :))

    Intruiging question. I understand that on some mobile devices the apps (in this case your Skype app) keep running in the background ( like having a window shrunk) so you are effectively online and the app will inform you of a message if it arrives. Sometimes I have noticed that people show up with status ‘away’ ‘on a mobile device’ etc.

    Maybe if my understanding is correct that might be why?

    Come in dayglow maybe get some income from kiwi !! 💡

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    I didn’t explain it clearly. When I am not touching any device…it shows I have come online on my husbands laptop. It doesn’t just show a green dot, but an entire small window pops up. This never used to happen before so it’s not usual, just two days now. It’s like someone has hacked into my Skype and is using it.

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    Sancho the Fat

    There may be something up with Skype at the moment. Mine’s suddenly started showing none of contacts online – they’re all there, but they’re colour-coded as ‘away’ or ‘offline’. Before it always showed quite a few online. That’s been going on for the last two or three days.

    P.S. A friend of mine told me yesterday she couldn’t mark herself as ‘away’. Whatever she did, she was marked ‘online’.

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    Good to know. I was beginning to think the worst, it seems to have gone quiet again. If I could remember my password I’d get in and change it, but can’t be bothered with the hassle.

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