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    Kalhspera GiH!

    So I thought I’d give a little introduction to myself since I got through being approved – at last, 3 days later! I get it’s for spambots but surely the question “what is the country code of this country for calls” is enough for the bots not to get in? Anyway, I digress.

    I’m 20 years old (21 later this month) and moved to Greece 2 years back after being in a relationship with my Greek boyfriend for 2 years prior. I’m British originally, hailing from Milton Keynes though I spent a few years living in South East London as well.

    First year we moved over here we lived in a rather lacking (despite the great location to the beach) apartment in Kavouri, Vouliagmeni. About a year ago we were more or less forced to move but we found a great place in an upmarket area of Glyfada for us just a few minutes away from the golf with a rent of only 150euros. His family also own a holiday home in Halkidiki (just between Polygyros and Taxiarchis in the mountains) which we frequently visit for summer, christmas and easter holidays.

    Aside from being TEFL qualified, I have a BTEC in Photography, with my specialty being animal photography, you can check my stuff out here if you are interested. Employment has been rough in Greece though as my Greek is not great (I understand a lot, but struggle with speaking and being grammatically correct since I learnt outside of a classroom), I had a stint of teaching some private English lessons “under the table” but soon enough the guy organizing them stopped paying so that was that :roll:. However myself and Xristos are looking at potentially getting a business together (no specifics just yet) but going through the municipality is… well… slow!

    I work with a bunch of animal welfare organizations in Athens such as ΣΠΑΖ and Ninelives, though I’d really love to work at Attiko Parko. Meanwhile as I’m a housewife though I’m selfstudying Greek, Zoology and Psychology. I have quite a bit of experience with forums having previously co-run a rather large one on gaming, so when I saw GiH making the decision to join was a no-brainer.

    So, I guess, hello! I’m here to give activity a nudge in the right direction 😉

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    sjs – GiH Admin

    Hello Cassandra!

    Unfortunately we do get loads of bot sign ups here and although it’s pretty easy to catch 99% of them it does mean that we have to manually approve new users. Which means me making some coffee and looking at them when I have time.

    Sorry for the delay!

    Hope you find the forum useful – it’s full of strange people; I guess about 90% live in Greece and the rest want to. I suppose we should do a poll to find out.

    All the best!

    GiH Admin

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    Welcome and I hope you can find sme age appropriate persons in the forum. Otherwise, it’s all us grumpy oldies in lambs clothing you will need to put up with. It’s not very lively here at present but it is full of useful information and good tips.

    Ahh to be young and hopeful again. 😆

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