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    In an attempt to help Ian and a few others who seem to be the only ones posting and keeping the site dribbling along at best……   Holidays coming soon and for the first time ever going back to exactly the same place and accommodation, in Greece of course, Kefalonia. Not that that particular island is any better or worse than anywhere else necessarily, provided the mass tourist hotspots are kept well away from, but we found it a good interesting place, and several bits we wished to see lastly year we missed so having been more limited as to timing and seeing a ‘bargain’ we took the opportunity to see more. In common with many places there seems to be something for everyone, nature, walks, archeology ( in small doses only perhaps owing to the prevalence of earthquakes), but lots of history and incredible geology! I do not mention beaches, the people and perhaps most importantly eating places!! Geology was one of the main reasons I found it so interesting. Not only the katavothres and tunnel across the island (of which I am hoping to shoot more video to complete a short programme about that) but also the geological evidence that supports the claim that it was the real location of Ithaca as written by Homer, rather than the currently named island close by of the same name. The only other reason might be that we have nearly drunk all the Robolo wine that we bought last year…… soon to be opened the second bottle! :yes:   :-(

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    Pox on it being cultured or not…

    I’m touched by your effort to help keeping the site dribbling. :rose:

    And what an effort it is! :good:
    Almost makes me want to get the bike out and ride across to the west to go visit there myself. :yahoo:

    Only trouble is that the dirtroad down to the main road is downright dangerous to go down on a motorbike since the heavy rains two weeks ago. :negative:
    And the dymos doesn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry to do anything about it. :scratch:   :negative:

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    How kind, Ian! Rain? You should have been off the West Coast of Skotia  looking for oil (by crikes we need some at a high price) as we have not had rain for weeks on end! Difficult to believe I know but true! When you get it on your island you don’t do it by halves! Best not get on your bike but on one of the horses – if Y will let you!

    I know I am to blame as many for not posting but for me Greece is not home, just a virtual one at times. I guess many might not post because much of what has been written by all over recent times has been reflective of the situation and it does probably get one down after a while, more’s the pity.

    :good: Athens  and Rhodes seem the main points of interest but it would be good to get updates from elsewhere and to hear how members fare!

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    My excuse is that I have just got the internet going. I am sitting on my balcony looking at the Acropolis. I would love to go to different places but I have run out of money. I still do not have a working kitchen, hot water and the bathroom is ropey, the toilet is flushed using a bucket of water. Oh and I am surrounded by boxes.

    It is the view that is keeping me going at the moment.

    I am hoping to save enough to get a cheap set of wheels so I can see more of this great country.


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