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    sjs – GiH Admin

    If you go to the REGISTER or LOGIN page you’ll see an option to login via FACEBOOK.

    First off, you can safely ignore this if you want. Forget it. Don’t look at it. Move on, as if it weren’t there.

    But… for new users coming to the site it allows for a really quick registration and login and is linked to their Facebook account.

    And also, if you are an existing user you can connect your GiH login to your Facebook account if you so wish.

    I’ll tell you how if you are desperate to know.

    GiH Admin

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    So far I’ve been living pretty happily without faecesbook and I think I’ll just keep on doing so for a while longer… :yes:

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    Me too Ian. I hate it! Blow by blow accounts of every trivial second there to haunt the authors for their entire lives. All my friends have it and I have flatly refused to participate, if they want me they can send an email to share their photos etc.  I also detest sites that practically force you to use or like them before you can read them.

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