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    the reiver

    Just logged in eventually, after clicking lots of pictures to prove “I am not a robot” !!   :scratch:

    Is this really the way forward ?   :wacko:

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    The site is driving me nuts.  For some reason I cannot stay logged in and then it rejects my password a few times before reluctantly conceding it was correct but only after I have struggled with a few pages of little pictures.  This is the only site I find incredibly frustrating.  In few of the paucity of comments on the site, I wonder if I am not alone in experiencing difficulties?

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    sjs – GiH Admin

    Have you tried clearing the cache on your browser? To be honest I find the site (and similar ones using the same system) no problem at all in that regard.

    Let’s face it, the site is not exactly rocking these days. I wonder if it’s because people are more drawn to sites like Facebook groups on Greece where they exchange messages instead of using a forum. Are forums outdated?

    I wonder what the next step could be. Adding more “value” to the forum (which would take a lot of time) or perhaps changing it in some way? I’m loathe to close it down because I rather like it.

    As you all know I’m no longer in Greece (but never say never), so what do people think? Where do we go from here?

    GiH Admin

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    Thanks for the tip.  I am using an iPad Air, so not sure how to clear the cache but will investigate.  Have to say that the other fora, is that the correct plural I wonder, I visit also seem to be languishing.  Maybe my joining is the kiss of death!

    Where has everybody gone?

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    The Grocer

    Can’t say I’m that fond of the layout, but I have no issues signing in. I tend to use Chrome as my browser and allow it to store the sites password so it’s just a click in the bookmarks and I’m in.
    I do like the ability to then click on the “new posts since last visit”, this at least saves time scrolling….

    On the subject of “quietness”, I have noticed a few other sites, as well as this one do tend to fall off at this time of year, probably will pick up a few weeks before the main holiday seasons….
    On a more personal note I have also not been so active on Greek forum sites, mainly due to spending more and more time now in France and I must say just how much cheaper I find living there against Greece, taxes on food and other items here just must be lowered, especially if the country wants to gain holiday trade over Turkey etc.

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    I’ve not been able to even get to the log-in page for a long time now. :negative:
    However, I’m now in Montrose and all of a sudden I have no problem. :good:
    Must be some comms problem between the Cosmote server and whatever server GIH is on? :scratch:

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