I’m moving to Mykonos.

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    We’re moving to Mykonos. Quite often when I speak to people from Greece eyes are rolled when I mention Mykonos.

    “Ahhhhh! Where the Pirates come from”, an lovely gentleman from Kefalonia replied that I met in Scotland last year.

    “Costas was ripped off in Mykonos a few years ago”, added his British wife. He doesn’t mean ‘pirates’ from ancient times. That’s what he calls Mykonians!

    But after 25 years we know our way around. Despite what you might hear there are still places to eat that wont bankrupt you…our lady gives us a fantastic rate on our room. “Because you are nice boys; clean!”….and we just about have enough confidence to not get overcharged and pushed around.

    Unlike TINOS! That’s were the bleedin’ pirates are! We decided to spend a night in a quiet village right on the other side. “45e per night”, “Well that’s about the same as we are paying in Mykonos, not as cheap as we were lead to believe but that’s ok”. Well when it came to pay she wanted 45e from both of us, not per room! But when you are in an unfamiliar setting you panic and just pay up don’t you, which is what happened to my Kefalonian friend in Mykonos.

    But just think. It gives you weeks (months!)(years!!) of happy grumbling about it all.

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    reb_bravo so I was correct. Good guess kiwi. :))

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    Oooops, who said no eye rolling then?
    Only kidding.
    Just make your choice and enjoy. I only hope you were not talking about 45€ per night for a room on long let! You’ll get us all going apoplectic if you do cos most of us are paupers ( or claim to be!).

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    Well, that didn’t hurt did it: Mykonos!
    Welcome to GIH and enjoy your move.

    Kolly wrote: “…..cos most of us are paupers ( or claim to be!).
    Take special attention to the ‘or claim to be!’ :nod:

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    attention “or claim to be”

    What are you saying Alien? 😕
    That most of us are not? All right Ian is an oil Baron and I guess you and partner Alien are the Dutch financiers bankrolling Greece or buying up Real Estate or ports in lieu of debt ic_wink so there will be the odd exception…….

    I am more than positive that my assertion regarding paupership will be more that backed by evidence from KP who, from all accounts, has even had to sell his donkey to put a morsel of food into Mrs KP and his mouths….. :p

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    Indeed, the problem on this site is that there are far too many ‘faux paupers’ and even pauper wannabes! :angry: When the reality is that there are very, very few of us…. yet all those fauxs and wannabes are snatching the odd morsal of bread – which we real paupers should be getting – out of our mouths! :angry:

    However Bawdekin, swiftly moving onto the subject of Mykonos…. I must admit to an involuntary roll of the eyes when you said ‘Mykonos’ as true paupers are most definately NOT welcome there! However, should I pal up to you lovely chaps, when you’ve moved and settled, perhaps I could extract an invitation to come and stay at your stable or outhouse for a summer as I would imagine the summer pickings to be considerable in Mykonos if I can find the right spot to set up my begging bowl? Though I must admit that having seen how little the visitors wear over there, one wonders where they could possibly keep their wallets? :roll: :mrgreen:

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