Guilty pleasure…

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    This morning the deck hand of our local fisherman offered us some tuna of a tunafish that had accidently ended up in their nets.
    €10 a kilo…

    I know they’re not supposed to catch tuna but I tell you;

    Temperature in the low twenties, sitting outside on the terrace in the sun and eating thin slices of realy fresh raw tuna dipped in soy-sauce and wasabi…
    A glass of our own white wine…

    It doesn’t get much better than that.

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    Once it’s dead and out of the water, no amount of guilt will bring it back and if you don’t buy it, someone else will. At least it wasn’t a dolphin or a whale.

    I know it’s a delicacy raw, but I don’t like it. We get it here a lot, a friend fishes them and always gives us a huge chunk. I lightly fry it otherwise it goes dry, but it’s not my favourite fish. We marinated the last lot which added a bit to the taste. My absolute favourite is the Tsipoura and Lavraki, fried or grilled with skin on and on the bone. Drool!

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    I know it’s a delicacy raw, but I don’t like it
    Maybe that is why Ian mentioned wasabi and soya sauce?

    I love tuna, but the site of such a big lump in the back of a truck :roll:
    I rather see/buy fish at the seafront or at least kept on ice.

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