Enough of the shocked silence.

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    OK so now we have a clown in the White House. It is a shock but that’s life. A bit more troubling is Erdogans’ sabre rattling over getting back some islands. They took part of Cyprus so it is not impossible that the loony could do something similar.

    Now he is threatening to throw open the border to let the refugees flood in and it will be Greece that will bear the brunt of that.

    I wonder if Brussels has made any plans to help?

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    I’d be amazed (OK, pleasantly surprised) if they did. :unsure:

    It’s more like some of the north-western countries are waving the Dublin treaty in the air and preparing to send “their” refugees back to Greece… :negative:

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    There were articles in the UK papers yesterday stating that already in the last week or so, the numbers of refugees arriving in Greece from Turkey have increased dramatically and that the UK is sending out large teams of UK civil servants to help the Greeks return these illegals to Turkey!!! :unsure:

    Strange that the EU isn’t willing to help, but the UK is!

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