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    Hi there! My name is Joanna, a greek american living in Ilion for the past 2 years….like i said better late than never! Hoping to meet some new people who will laugh at my funny stories rather than them stare at me literally lost in translation haha. Being a mommy of one little munchkin princess (and being license-less for that matter, hopefully not for too much longer) has definitely put a strain (or shall i say halt) on my social life. Im a stay at home mommy looking to chat with someone over the age of 5 lol. I once had a life, long ago in the busy city of Manhattan, i think i still may be able to conversate and join the likes of the rest of the socializing human population haha. Well, let me see, i used to like reading and trying new restaurants and cuisines, and recently ive gotten rather crafty which i surprisingly love and trying to see if that takes me anywhere, because lovely housewife/stay at home mommy isnt quite cutting it :). If any of this sounds vaguely interesting to anyone feel free to email me :)

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    Hi Joanna
    I noticed your post , and wondered who would respond. It is now clear that others are doing the same.
    I am therefore assuming the role of greeter, in the hope that you may strengthen the Athens contingent, the female contingent and the non-retired old fart contingent around here.
    I regret that you will struggle for witty and erudite conversation on this board, but if you want to talk about boats, like weak puns or have an interest in 1970’s chauvinism, this is the place to be. You may also find occasional comedy, interesting current affairs analysis or unimagined technical insight, but these are, frankly, much rarer.
    Mrs DGS is well into her crafting, producing some fine greeting cards and albums. However, since she regards this forum as a dead duck and would never consider entering, that is unlikely to be of interest to you. Just let it be known that I can recognise a Mirry Tent with stamped embelishment at 100 paces.

    I am fervently hoping that you are, in fact, a genuine person, and not another spambot like the irritating f***ing t**t Hankie which started a thread after you!

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    Well me late too! But have to follow up after Dayglo’s delightful insight into the inner workings…..

    Welcome spicy named person. you need to get the Athenians out of bed and post on the site – there are not too many of them who post regularly! So good luck there!

    Let’s hope you get lots of responses; the rest of us will continue to provide the intellectual thingy, humour and educational input.

    As for Dayglo, what’s this chauvinism thing? 😉

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