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    The Grocer..

    How to receive BBC I-player etc.etc. is still a major topic. Yes we know about various IP hiders / changers you can pay and several free that bombard you with adverts, however I have just come across a basic “extension”…”add on” to Firefox & Google Chrome and works with a click of a button….

    If you want UK TV obviously pick a UK IP address, however you can choose IP’s from several other countries also….

    It certainly seems to work fine for me….

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    sjs – GiH Admin

    How are you getting on with that extension? I took a look at it but there were quite a few reviews talking about annoying popups and so on.

    I used to use HMA but that’s basically blocked from the BBC now and is pointless.

    Instead I watch live using Filmon TV

    GiH Admin

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    The Grocer..

    Filmon is definitely the better, but of course it does not have i-player.

    I have not had issues with the Chrome extension, but I do also use Adbloc Plus.

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