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    You may wonder why a post at this time of year………………when the celebration of remembrance is not yet due?

    Well, here’s the reason. Mrs Kolo is reading a book and it mentions ELAS and atrocities at Pyrgos (hadn’t heard of those particular ones) and a lot of Greek lives lost at Kalamai. She could not find this on the map but a bit of research proved it to be Kalamata. This was not necessarily the battle previously mentioned on this forum (well it is a fictional book based upon a true story) but research did throw up some interesting links about the evacuation, mostly information that had been posted already on GIH back in 2008.

    However the further reason for posting now is that I also got a web link to a German, one Hans Liska (1907-1984) one of the most well-known (seemingly) WWII Axis illustrators. Ignoring any nationalistic feeling that anybody may have I must say his sketches were very impressive.

    What is the illustrator’s link to Kalamata, you may well be asking? ic_shock Ah I was forgetting!!

    The illustrations include a few of Greece, two of captured Allied soldiers in the Peloponnese. Mention has been made of the nationalities involved in the evacuation at Kalamata, troops from Greece, Britain, New Zealand etc. but this is the first time I heard of Indian troops being involved and the illustration provides the evidence. Not surprising then that we seem to forget the other parts of the Empire that took part…………..often in great numbers and also with loss of life. So they also seemed worthy of a mention.

    See the illustrations at

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    Incredible illustrations.

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