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    I took a 5 euro note out and it tore in half. The shop keeper looked as if I was trying to pay him with a still beating babys heart. The same thing happened when another 5 only tore half way.

    I went to Alpha bank to get them changed but they wouldn’t. After some problems I finally found out that the only bank that will give you new for old is the National Bank of Greece.

    I hope it is not like this outside Athens.

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    I wouldn’t know. :unsure:
    So far I’ve not come across a situation where a note tore in half or where I needed to change old notes for new. :scratch:

    I have tried to change Monopoly money for Euro’s but haven’t found a bank willing to do so  yet… :wacko:

    I’ll let you know when I do. :good:

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    Well Jo, next time you’re running a few notes of the printer at home, make sure you add a bit of starch to strengthen them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think due to the on-going Capital Controls the National Bank of Greece is the only bank where you can carry out certain actions even exchanging certain currencies such as Turkish Lira. Changing banknotes certainly was one. Really difficult for us on a small island with a round trip to Rhodes taking anything in excess of 7 hours and costing 30€ without an overnight in a hotel!

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