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    So often I have been surprised that most restaurants in Greece only have things like mousaka, souvlaki and tzatziki on the menu while they have such fantastic food and so many good recipes.
    At first I thought it was ‘lazy Greeks’ not willing to cook. Later I found it was the tourist that didn’t order or even try these dishes, so cannot blame the Greeks.

    Always good to convince others to at least taste something.

    This is a good initiative, I haven’t been Lucky to visit one of these restaurants but if I see one I certainly will:
    Dozens of Greek businesses have applied for the “Aegean Cuisine” quality label, an initiative launched by the Chamber of Cyclades to promote the wine and gastronomy of the Aegean. The quality label is given to restaurants and hotel restaurants that follow certain standards set by the certification and inspection body TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD).

    The “Aegean Cuisine” quality label was presented by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) during the recent “Gastronomy Days” festival held in Athens.

    According to reports, the majority of enterprises that have already applied for the label are from the Cyclades, especially from the islands of Andros, Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and Tinos.

    Enterprises that qualify are expected to receive the label by the end of June. As of this year’s tourism season, they will operate as certified “Aegean Cuisine” businesses.

    The main aim of the certification label is to identify and highlight the products produced in the Aegean, to spread the word on the Aegean’s delicacies, to yield added-value, to gain recognition and to earn the trust of consumers.

    TUV_HELLAS_logoThe certification label is part of the Aegean Cuisine Network, a project launched a few years ago by the Chamber of Cyclades with the support of the Region of South Aegean and the Chamber of the Dodecanese. The network aims to highlight the Aegean’s wine and gastronomy and promote the islands of the Aegean Sea as one, united, culinary travel destination.

    Enterprises that operate in the Cyclades and Dodecanese are eligible to enroll in the network and receive the label once it is ensured that their products, goods or services reflect and highlight the gastronomic identity of the Aegean, meet quality standards and offer a great experience to consumers.

    The website is only in Greek:

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    You ever go to Vagelli’s restaurant (the one near the church) in Kalamoudi when you’re here?
    Simple fare but vèry good. :drool:
    I doubt he’ll ever be TÜV approved though…

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    I agree with you alien. Unfortunately though getting off tourist cuisine is not so easy since all the places around where the tourists flock have a captive audience of people expecting souvlaki and mousaka etc. You really need to ask a trendy Greek where they go to eat. We were taken to a place in Halandri by friends. We had the most exquisite Cretan food, all unusual dishes with suitable Creten names. it was very refreshing. My daughter when she comes to Greece also complains about the same thing. It’s the Greek summer ‘lets make hay while the sun shines’ disease.

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    see you lot who like Greek food…….
    I recommend this place
    Lots made from true Cretan ingredients to family recipes
    ……………………………………………………………..but perhaps a bit out of your way 😆

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    Not yet Ian, but I certainly will on my next visit.
    Interested in good food, not in Tüv.

    What I have Always appreciated in Greek taverna owners/waiters, is that they Always honestly say if it is fresh or not. Like dolmadakia is absolutely horrible if it isn’t fresh.

    Kolly: good Greek food without sunshine? :roll:

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    good Greek food without sunshine?

    mmmm, there’s always a downside… but plenty of it (sunshine) at the moment

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